Magda Bielesz

Magda Bielesz, born 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. Graduated from the Guest Atelier of Leon Tarasewicz in the Painting Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, diploma exhibition at CCA Ujazdowski Castel in Warsaw. Painter, authoress of films, installations, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Since 2002 she has been a participant in the most important recent art presentations in Poland and abroad. Her works are in main collections at : Galerie Zero, Detroit Museum of New Art, Zacheta - National Gallery of Art, Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art. Bielesz took a part in numerous symposia and Artist in residence projects, amongs others: Aijima Art Center (Tokyo / Japan), MoKs (Mooste / Estonia), Wd8 (Walkersdorf, Austria). In 2005 nominated to Geppert prize (audience award). In 2006 got „Young Poland” scholarship given by National Culture Centre. Two times got Ministry of Culture scholarship (2003, 2006). Lives and works in Warsaw.

"My works concentrates on memory, imagination, dreams, childhood and happiness. I'm fascinated with the states which I cannot experience. For me being an artist is just a way of honest communication with World. I express only the necessary thoughts and things I need to communicate at the given moment. My art not only have a strong meaning and connection to myself, but also connects to my childhood and happiness. Although, often contains topics of health and sickness. I create a specific mythology of un growing. I think I'm a child and I will stay a child for ever.

Artists are people who are given a certain social privilege to act in ways that adults aren't supposed to act. And it is great. Thanks to that I feel safer and confident." Magda Bielesz


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